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Constructive dismissal

Typically we assist on redundancy and unfair dismissal claims,
compromise agreements, maternity, paternity, disciplinary and other employment matters. Engagements are often completed without face to face meetings outside of normal office hours.
Abigail Daykin & Co

An initial telephone appointment is held to discuss the issues and identify available options. Depending on your situation, further advice and support can then be tailored and agreed. Where appropriate, we can communicate and negotiate direct with employers on your behalf to ensure the best outcome. We specialise in supporting employees although have experience of a wide range of employer clients.

Paternity rights, parental leave, unfair dismissal, redundancy, and other employment law advice. Maternity rights, maternity leave, sex discriminiation, constructive dismissal, part time working, equal pay and other employment legal advice
Unfair dismissal Downsizing

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Abigail Daykin & Co: speak to an online employment solicitor for help on share options, redundancy, unfair dismissal & general employment for advice on compromise agreements and employment law.  We advise on UK terminations and negotiate compensation for employees and employers.